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  • Molecular formula C2H2, commonly known as oxy-acetylene and acetylene
  • At room temperature, it is a colorless, highly flammable gas
  • Pure acetylene is odorless, but industrial use acetylene because it contains hydrogen sulfide, phosphone and other impurities, and there was a smell of garlic.


  • Metal processing and manufacturing


  • Inhalation: rapidly from the scene to fresh air. Maintain airway potency. If breathing is difficult, give oxygen. If not breathing, give artificial respiration immediately seek medical treatment.
  • Respiratory protection: Most do not need special protection, but suggested that under special circumstances wear appropriate self-absorption filter respirators (oxygen content and the oxygen content of the air identical or close).
  • Eye protection: Most do not need special protection, wearing chemical protective safety glasses high concentration exposure.
  • Physical protection: wear anti-static clothing.
  • Hand Protection: Wear protective gloves general operations.
  • Other protection: no smoking scene work. Avoid prolonged and repeated contact. Into the tank, or other restrictive space of high concentration operations, someone must care.
  • Accidental release: rapid withdrawal from air leakage personnel supremacy wind and isolation and strict restrictions on access. Cut off the fire source. Recommended emergency personnel wearing self-Pressurized respirators to wear anti-static clothing. As cut off the source of leakage. A reasonable ventilation, accelerated proliferation. Water-spray diluted solution. Build a causeway or trenching asylum produce a lot of waste water. If possible, use exhaust gas leakage sent an open area or installation of appropriate nozzle burned. Leak containers should be properly handled, repair, testing later use.