Synergy Industry, also as Synergy Technology, is an active and successful manufacturer/exporter in the gas cylinder industry. The company was found in 2000, aimed on supplying on quality products to international market. With hard work and continual innovation on technology, we are now exporting to our products to more than 50 countries all over the world and enjoying the good reputation amount our clients. Most of our products are with international standard, such as DOT, UL, FM, KITMARK EN3, as well as the Chinese local CCC certificate. Our intelligent sales & technical teams are always ready to provide expertise services for any inquiries from clients. 

Joining Synergy and sharing the bright future together. 


As the name implies, SYNERGY wants to understand your needs and to satisfy them with you, at your conditions and for your benefit.


We exist because of our customers.

We exist to provide our customers with superior products at a competitive price while generating a reasonable profit for our company and our agents. 

Quality comes first, second, and last .Always be able to say that we’ve done not only our best, but THE best. 

We are proud of being a team that Integrity and honesty are the key characteristics in the personality of the company. 

We are committed to be the carrier in which our employees are treated with equal respect and value to enable them to thrive and reach their full potential. 

CE, DOT, IS7285, IS9809